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| Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions and responses for you which will hopefully cover any questions you might have about our DJ-Sets service. If you do have any more questions please feel free to contact us at DJSets.Store@Gmail.com

| Question 1 - Why Should I Trust This Service?

DJSets.co.uk is now in its 12th year and is constantly evolving and being improved in every possible way. We have sent out 100,000's of CD's and DVD's and Blu-Ray's 10,000's of Satisfied Customers all over the World, for both eBay orders, email orders and Web orders.

We are very proud of our Customer Service Levels and always try to resolve any issues straight away should they arise, so should you have any questions or problems with any orders please feel free to email us.

| Evidence - eBay Feedback

DJSets.co.uk has been a member of eBay for several years, and our Current eBay Power Seller Account has 100% Positive Feedback, so the best way to check on the great levels of service that we offer is to check accounts we have used to sell the Compilations on this site on eBay.

Our current eBay Store is located at DJSetsStore.co.uk

For all new customers, by checking the feedback from Previously Satisfied Customers will reassure you and give you a Guarantee before making a purchase from this site, that we always Deliver Quality Products in a Very Fast, Professional and Efficient Manner.

You can read some of our most recent eBay Feedback comments from Global buyers of our products on eBay below.


| Evidence - eBay Power Seller Program

These accounts were rewarded for our excellent levels of service on eBay and both gained entry into the eBay Power Seller Program.

eBay identifies Power Seller's as: The pillars of our community, Power Seller's are committed to upholding and embracing the core community values that are the very foundation of eBay. They are exemplary members who are held to the highest standards of professionalism, having achieved and maintained a 98% positive feedback rating and an excellent sales performance record.

| Evidence - PayPal Seller Reputation

DJSets.co.uk has been using a Verified Business PayPal Account to handle transactions since October 2002 and is an established part of the PayPal Shops Network.

We have amassed over 100,000 Verified Buyers since PayPal introduced its Seller Reputation System which is another indication of the 1000's of previous happy customers we have satisfied when sending out our products.

| Evidence- Square Trade Program

A further indication that we are dedicated to ensuring excellent customer service, is apparent in the fact that we have enrolled in the Square Trade Program. This all means that we are:

  • Professionally Verified as a Trusted Seller.
  • Continually Meeting Exceptional Selling Standards.
  • Committed to Following Through With Your Sales.

The Square Trade Web Site identify's the following benefits of buying from Seal Members:

  • Commitment to mediation: Seal Members have committed to using mediation if the need arises.
  • Fraud Protection: Purchases made from Seal Members may be covered against fraud
  • Identity and/or Contact Information Verification: Square Trade verifies each Seal Member's identity and/or contact information and Seal Members have committed to meeting Square Trade's high Selling Standards
  • Avoid Negative Feedback: Seal Members have committed to resolving issues quickly - before they turn into negative feedback.

You are sure that you'll be one of those happy customers!

| Evidence - Top DJ's We Have Sent DJ Sets To

We are also proud to say that in the past we have also given DJ Sets to some of the biggest names in Dance Music including all those listed below.

1. Sasha
2. Danny Howells
3. Chris Fortier
4. Nick Warren
5. Anthony Pappa
6. John Askew
7. Derrick Carter
8. Carl Cox
9. DJ Slipmatt

We never charge any of the DJ's listed on this Website for their own DJ Sets, so if you are a DJ listed and want to obtain your sets listed please simply Contact Us with your details and we will arrange to send your DJ Sets to you on disc through the post.

| Question 2 - How Can I Use This Service To Obtain DJ Sets?

DJSets.co.uk is constantly looking for ways to make it easier for you to purchase the DJ Sets on this web site.

Basically you need to decide whether you want to purchase Individual Sets or Compilations of DJ Sets from the ready made Compilations Section.

| Obtaining Sets - Custom DJ Sets

1.) From the downloaded Individual DJ Sets List you can choose what sets you want in either Audio CD Format, MP3-CD Format, MP3-DVD Format. Blu-Ray Format, Portable USB-Stick's or Portable USB Hard Drives.

The new version of this list is categorized into different sections to make it a lot more user friendly. It also contains PayPal buttons so you can purchase straight off the spreadsheet.

2.) If you Edit the Spreadsheet to just show what sets you want, then you can add up the totals to see how many discs your choices will require.

3.) Once you have your Edited Spreadsheet please use the Online Order Form to then send it to us at DJSets.Store@Gmail.com

4.) Click the relevant PayPal Button on the page. If you want multiple CD-Audio DJ Sets's, MP3-CD's, or MP3-DVD's simply change the number when asked about the quantity required after you have clicked the PayPal button for your order.

| Obtaining Sets - Ready Made DJ Set Compilations

If you want to purchase a collection of sets by a particular DJ or event then you will want to browse the Compilations Section. Here you will find over 1,500 Different Compilations to choose from, from over 500 different DJ's & Groups, Events & Clubs.

| Question 3 - How Does Paypal Work and is it Secure?

PayPal is an eBay company that enables anyone with an email address to send and receive online payments safely, easily and quickly.

PayPal is a global leader in online payments, and available in 55 countries and 6 currencies. It has more than 100 million customer accounts worldwide.

Learn How To Use PayPal in 5 Simple Steps.

Open a Free PayPal Account - send and receive money immediately.

A detailed description of PayPal can be found here

For details on how to use PayPal to make payments on this site please see the Payment Section.

| Question 4 - What Format Will The Discs Arrive In?

Providing you are buying the sets in the recommended MP3 Format then the DJ Sets are provided in MP3 Digital Audio Format on high quality MP3-CD's, MP3-DVD's. Blu-Ray's, Portable USB-Stick's or Portable USB Hard Drives.

Sending in Digital Music Format means that you get a lot more for your money as more sets can be fitted onto the discs.

All MP3-Blu-Ray DJ Set Compilations will arrive on a series of MP3-Blu Ray's with Digital Audio and Digital Video DJ Sets on them.

All MP3-DVD DJ Set Compilations will arrive on a series of MP3-DVD's with Digital Audio and Digital Video DJ Sets on them.

All MP3-CD DJ Set Compilations will arrive on a series of MP3-CD's with Digital Audio and Digital Video DJ Sets on them.

Most DJ Sets are Single Tracks, rather than being split into individual tracks.

This allows for the sets to flow and be heard how they were played on the actual night.

DJ Sets will be labeled in the format below;

DJ/Group Name - Live @ Club/Event in City, Country (Date)

All DJ Sets will be organized into folders, making for easily definable sets on each of the discs provided.

| Question 5 - How Does the MP3 Format Work?

This information is available from the following link where it gives a detailed description.

For a quick illustrative description though you can look at the picture below.

| Question 6 - Will All Discs Have Both Audio & Video on Them?

Most DJ Set Compilations will contain mostly Digital Audio DJ Sets in MP3 Format

However any DJ Set listed that says Live Video next to it will be a Digital Video

These will include both Digital Audio and Digital Video and will Play on your PC in Windows Media Player

They will also play on your Home Audio Setup, providing the system can play the Digital Video Formats provided.

| Question 7 - How Can I Play The Music on the Discs?

The DJ-Set Compilations and Audio CD's, MP3-CDs, MP3-DVD's, Blu-Ray Discs or
will play on the following devices, so you really are spoilt for choice when wanting to play these devices either at home, in the car or on the move.

Home Entertainment System - You can either play the Audio CD's, MP3-CD's, MP3-DVD's or Blu-Ray's directly on your Home Entertainment System using your DVD Player or Blu-Ray Player, as long as it plays the disc formats correctly, so please check the specification of your player, especially for MP3 Compatibility beforehand.

You can copy the Digital Audio that you have to either a USB Stick or CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Media Disc using your Home Computer or Apple Mac using software like Nero Burning ROM

Then insert your USB Stick into your Home Entertainments System's USB-Slot on either your Smart TV, DVD Player or Blu-Ray Player or alternatively insert your Media Disc into your MP3 Compatible CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Player.

ICE System / In-Car MP3 Player - You can either play the MP3 Digital Audio DJ Sets in your car using a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Media Disc and your cars ICE System or you can use a USB Stick.

You can copy the Digital Audio that you have to either a USB Stick or CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Media Disc using your Home Computer or Apple Mac using software like Nero Burning ROM

You will find that a lot of new cars have a USB Socket included nowadays for you to plug your USB Stick into to allow you to play the DJ-Sets through your car's ICE System.

Alternatively you could purchase one of the In-Car MP3 Players that simply slot into your cars Cigarette Lighter to power themselves. These tune themselves to your cars FM Radio System and then allow you to listen to the music on the In-Car MP3 Player through your cars radio.

You can then plug your new USB Stick into the In-Car MP3 Player and listen to the DJ-Sets through your Car Stereo.

Home PC / Laptop / Apple Mac - Playing the DJ-Sets on your Home PC or Apple Mac could not be easier as, you will need to check to see if your computer has a DVD or Blu-Ray Drive for the MP3-DVD DJ-Set Compilations and Blu-Ray DJ-Set Compilations.

Then we recommend copying the contents of the discs onto your computer to a dedicated Music Folder which you can create using Windows Explorer.

Then you can play the DJ-Sets using Windows Media Player, which is included with Windows Operating Systems or alternate Apple Mac Music Software.

Apple iPod / Portable Music Player - You can transfer the music from the Media Discs or USB onto your Apple iPod or other Portable Music Player by firstly copying all the DJ-Sets from the USB-Stick provided to your Home PC or Apple Mac first.

Then copy the music into iTunes on your Home Computer for your iPod, or Windows Explorer or other software that came with your Portable Music Player to copy to your device, then Sync The Music to your device after.

Apple iPhone / Smart Phone - You can transfer the music from the Media Discs or USB Stick onto your Apple iPhone or other Smart Phone by firstly copying all the DJ-Sets provided to your Home PC or Apple Mac first.

Then copy the music into iTunes on your Home Computer for your iPhone, or Windows Explorer or other software that came with your Smart Phone to copy to your device, then Sync The Music to your device after.

Apple iPad / Tablet - You can transfer the music from the Media Discs or USB Stick onto your Apple iPad or other Tablet by firstly copying all the DJ-Sets from the USB-Stick provided to your Home PC or Apple Mac first.

Then copy the music into iTunes on your Home Computer for your iPad, or Windows Explorer or other software that came with your Tablet to copy to your device, then Sync The Music to your device after.

| Question 8 - What is the Quality of Music Like?

All sets will be high quality 192 Bitrate MP3 Format so will be very high quality.

Sets are burnt to CD using the latest Digital Audio Enhancements for the best quality digital sound available.

| Question 9 - How Do I Convert The MP3 CD's into Audio CD Format?

MP3 DJ Sets can easily be converted to Audio CD Format using your PC CD Burner and Nero Burning ROM Software.

| Question 10 - Are Tracklistings Provided For The DJ Sets?

Tracklistings will be provided for all DJ Sets where possible on the discs is the form of Text Documents.

| Question 11 - How Can I Transfer the Music into iTunes and My Portable Music Player?

You can easily transfer the DJ Sets into iTunes and then onto your Portable Music Player like your iPhone, iPod, iPad or other player.

You can then take the Digital DJ Sets with you on your travels

Please use the 3 step process below to transfer the files to iTunes and to your music device.

(1) Simply create a Music Folder on your PC for your music using Explorer.

(2) Copy the files from the discs provided to that Music Folder on your PC using Explorer.

(3) Copy the files from the Music Folder into iTunes, then sync with your Music Player.

| Question 12 - How Long Can I Expect To Wait For My Order?

All UK orders will normally be processed and and sent out within 4 business working days, whereas all European orders will take about 5-7 days, and all other destinations taking about a 7-10 days.

For larger orders it may take a little longer.

Alternatively you can use the new Digital Delivery Service we have setup for even faster delivery of your DJ-Sets, whereby we simply Upload Your Order to our server for you to download at your own convenience the day after purchase.

| Question 13 - Are the DJ Sets Copyrighted?

No, Live DJ Sets are not copyrighted, however a few live DJ sets have been commercially released in the past. These sets will not be found on this Web Site, only non copyrighted non-commercially released DJ Sets are available on this site.

Also many of the DJ's listed of this Website have obtained their own work from us in the past, which is a further indication that the DJ's themselves are happy with our service.